S.No. Tender No. Tender Date
Tender Description
Tender Details
01. WM/2024-6063 20th June 2024 Tender Notice to procure TATA Blue Scope View more..
02. VVM/2024-4723(A) 6th March 2024 Tender Notice for the Procurement of Electric Products View more..
03. VVM/2024-4462 27th January 2024 Tender notice for dress materials View more..
04. RKSS/2023-3981 (A) 4th October 2023 Inviting Quotation for Printing & Supply of the Annual Report of Sri Ramakrishna Seva Sangha View more..
05. Ref:-vvm/2023-1193(A) 20 April 2023 Tender Notice for [ESE LIGHTING SYSTEM] View more..
06. Ref:-vvm/2023-3333(A) 25th March 2023 Tender Notice For Admission form session-2023-24 View more..
07. Ref:-vvm/2023-1940 13th January 2023 Tender Notice For School Diary for session-2023-24 View more..
08. Ref:-vvm/2023-1924 06th January 2023 Tender Notice For "80 KVA D.G Set" View more..
09. Ref:-vvm/2022-1877(A) 17th December 2022 Tender Notice For Computer View more..
10. Ref:-vvm/2022-1498(A) 21st July 2022 Tender Notice for Flag Pole View more..
11. Ref:-vvm/2022-297(A) 25th May 2022 Tender Notice for hiring School Bus on contract basis View more..
12. Ref:-vvm/2022-1121 22nd March 2022 Tender Notice For Stationary Items session-2022-23 View more..
13. Ref:-vvm/2022-1056 5th March 2022 Tender Notice For Procure uniforms in bulk View more..
14. Ref:-vvm/2022-1029 22nd February 2022 Tender Notice for CCTV View more..
15. Ref:-vvm/2022-1019 18th January 2022 Tender For Inviting Sealed Quotation Along With Catalogues View more..
16. Ref:-vvm/2022-0934 13th January 2022 Tender For Dress View more..
17. Ref:-vvm/2022-0933 13th January 2022 Tender For School Management Software-ERP View more..
18. Ref:-vvm/2021-0741 22nd October 2021 Tender For Supply For Musical Instruments View more..
19. Ref:-vvm/2019 14th August 2019 Tender For Construction of new building View more..
20. Ref:-vvm/2017-4681 25th January 2017 Tender For Constrution of third floor View more..
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